Agile Poker Clock

Visual guidance and direct feedback on meeting and planning progress for your whole team. Keep sessions, meetings and presentations focused and in flow using this tool.

Phone Screen Tablet Laptop

Run your Agile Planning Session

Maintain speed and focus during your agile or scrum planning session. Load the agile poker clock on a large screen or beamer so everybody is aware of the time (and waste). No big screen available? Use your favorite tablet and place it centrally on the table.

Need a coffee break? Hit the coffee break button and you and your team have ten minutes of free time around the vending machine!

Don't Waste Time During Meetings

Meetings often take more time than anticipated. Use the timer on your mobile phone and get instant visual feedback on your meeting duration; know when it is time to wrap up or close the deal. Keep it private or place it centrally on the table to make it visible for everyone how much time is left.

Use it as a Speaker's Presentation Clock

Keep speakers informed of the time left for their presentation by providing a speaker facing screen showing the agile poker clock. Set the clock to 15 minutes and the speaker will have large timer that shows the remaining time and changes color to gently inform the speaker it is time for his closing statement.

Launch the AgilePokerClock